Infrastructure & Facilities

The Institute boasts of the most modern facilities. No efforts have been spared in creating an environment in which students are challenged to seek excellence academically, socially, physically, artistically, and spiritually.


The focal point of the institute the well stocked and offers different types of learning media. It has more than 1,000 books including pathology. Biochemistry. microbiology, Histopathology, Blood Banking Management, Psychology, International & National Journals. The open access system facilitates the free use of books on the shelf.

Standard Labs

Anatomy • physiology lab • pathology lab • Biochemistry lab • Computer Labs • Well running the outpatient department for regular clinical postings for students.

Smart Class Rooms

  • All classrooms on the campus are well equipped with LCD Most classrooms to have a capacity of 60 students.
  • We focus on teaching through smart classrooms by the process of E-learning.

Hostels / Aparments

  • Hostel facilities have been provided and expanded to feel with a homely atmosphere that strengthens the feeling of belonging. ( Separate Hostel for Boys & Girls).
  • Hostels are provided with all the necessary facilities. In addition, the hostels also have a TV set and sports facilities.
  • All hostel rooms are networked having 24 hours internet access, via a leased line. Students are connected to the internet.

Health Services

  • Medical facilities are provided to residential students in the campus by experts.
  • In case of emergency and complication, the college students and faculty can be attained in the nearby hospitals which are situated within less than two kilometer from the college campus.


We provide transportation facilities for our students as well as of our staff through all routes of Udaipur.


We have a large spacious cafeteria serving the variety of refreshments and meals it provides the students with a place where they can re-energize themselves and can have a group discussion and can have the most feeling of developing good bonding among each other.

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